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Practices at Mobile Paralegal Solutions


Low Cost Document Preparation

Justice for You

I help consumers represent themselves (pro se) in uncontested legal matters by preparing/typing the necessary legal documents at their directions and to court standards. I offer high quality, accurate and affordable legal document preparation. By doing it themselves, consumers usually save 50-70% of the typical fees and costs. I offer mobile and after hours services. 

Mobile Notary

I come to you!

It’s time to take the hassle out of finding a notary.


That’s why you can rely on Mobile Paralegal Solutions.


I'm here to notarize your important paperwork whenever or wherever you need it.

At some point, you’ll need a document authenticated. It could be a power of attorney, a medical document, a business agreement, real estate documents, a bill of sale, or a will. To get these documents notarized, you have to find a notary public, which used to mean taking time out of your busy day. The frustrating thing about visiting these places is that there’s no guarantee a signing agent is readily available.

Mobile Paralegal Solutions is changing that by offering a mobile service that comes to you at your convenience. 

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Additional Services

  • Small Claims - A legal document laying claim over money or property below $15,000 in value. 

  • Answer to Lawsuit - A defendant’s formal legal response to a complaint filed against them. 

  • Affidavit - A written declaration upon oath made before an authorized official.

  • Estate Planning Document Services

  • Private Investigations

  • Personal Assistance

  • Disability Paperwork

  • Intellectual Property- Copyright and Trademarks

  • Media Relations

  • Last Will & Testament - Allows you to choose who inherits your assets, select guardians for your children, and name an executor to make sure your wishes are carried out.

  • ​Living Will - Let's decide the sort of care you want if you're hospitalized and can't make decisions for yourself.

  • ​Healthcare Power of Attorney - Concerns the same medical treatment issues, but instead of laying out your choices in a document, you name another person to make those decisions for you.

  • ​Financial Power of Attorney - Let's choose a trusted agent to act on your behalf, only instead of making healthcare decisions, this person will handle your finances. For example, you can give them specific access to accounts to help make sure your bills and mortgage stay current.

  • Guardianship - An appointment in which one person is granted legal authority to care for the interests of someone else, usually a minor or incapacitated senior.

  • Probate.

  • ​Discovery - draft requests/responses, document productions (including bates numbering, redactions, organization, etc.)

  • Medical records/document reviews & chronologies

  • Deposition reviews and summaries

  • Trial/Mediation/Deposition prep and attendance (including helping with technology, exhibits, witnesses, etc.)

  • Divorces/Modifications/Custody/Legitimization

  • Estate Planning Documents

  • Document Drafting (complaints, answers, notices, etc.)

  • Pre-Litigation case management (demands, records requests, medical chronologies, etc.)

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcies

  • Legal research

  • Witness interviews

  • E-discovery and complex document reviews

  • Staff Overflow work

  • Administrative Services

  • ​Scheduling/calendaring

  • Client intake/interview calls

  • Drafting Correspondence

  • Phone answering services

  • Travel arrangements

  • E-filing

  • Attorney billing

  • Paralegal Services

Mobile Paralegal Solutions offers quality paralegal and notary work at an affordable price with a quick turnaround time, with several years of experience in a variety of practice areas which include:


Personal Injury, Insurance Defense, Family Law, Business Litigation, Probate/Estate Planning, Contracts, Immigration, Bankruptcy, and more!


 Whether you need someone to help with small occasional projects or you need someone to come into the office and help on a more routine basis — I am here for you!  If you don’t see your need listed here, give me a call today for a customized proposal and quote!

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